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is it possible to use htc vive between 2 PC?


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I have 1 gamer PC  (nvidia geforce gtx 1080) in my bedroom and HTPC in my living room. The 2 PC are connected by RJ45. I would like to know if it possible to stream the 2 computers with 

VaIve local streaming to use HTC VIVE in my living room but with games launched on my gamer PC.


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Hi ,


This is not something that is currently very feasible due to a variety of technical limitations. The only feasible option is to extend the HMD's cables. It's always easiest and cheapest to have your VR PC setup adjacent to your play area. When dealing with extended setups, you must remember that the HMD consumes a staggering amount of video bandwidth. Transmitting video data over long distances is troublesome and requires specific types of active repeaters and shielding. You also need to have a way to connect the USB data line as well.


It's probably technically possible but would be require tinkering and investment. I've yet to see anybody successfully report an extended setup that worked across their home and most people seem to max out at around 50 feet. Reddit has a thread where they discuss cabling compatibility in depth. 

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