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Htc vive error (208)


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I recently bought my htc give and spent all day yesterday trying to fix it .every time I plug the hdmi from the box into my graphics card it stays on red light but when I connect it to my motherboard it works I was wondering if I put an adapter from dp to hdmi to the box if that would work .and it also gave me an error that my monitor isn’t detected

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     Hi , 


     Sorry for the slow response due to the holidays. We're happy to help you get your HMD set up properly.


     First off, it's worth noting that the HMD typically works best when connected directly to the GPU and not via any sort of adapter. Adapters are a common cause of error 208. 


     What is your basic system setup (Motherboard, GPU, and OS)? When you connect the HMD's linkbox to the motherboard directly, does SteamVR actually properly run? A common issue that sounds a bit like your issue is that Windows sometimes miscommunicates with your video drivers about which GPU should be driving the HMD display; fixing this depends on your GPU type. 


     Another potential issue is that when connected to your GPU, the Vive is being treated as an extended display and is unable to enter "direct mode". 


     One other thing to try, is to bypass the linkbox's HDMI and USB connections and plug these directly into your GPU and Motherboard respectively. You must leave the power connected through the linkbox. This is always a good step to preform when you see this kind of error. 

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