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Can anyone help with a tracking issue?


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just starting doing this tonight where when i move the headset around i will randomly get a grey screen every 10 seconds and then it will come back and go again and on the room overview it flys off the screen.....im pretty sure its not the base stations as i unplugged one at a time and set them to A and still had the issue and theres no reflective surfaces near by as i play in a basement with no windows or mirrors around so im starting to wonder if its the headset itself or a software issue....here are some pictures of my play area anyway if anyone wants to see







its a very small messy area but i have had no issues playing any games till tonight so if anyone has some tips on what it might be that would be nice

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Hi , 


Have there been any major changes to your system in the past few weeks. Are you lighthouses upgraded to the most recent firmware? When you tried to isolate the problem to a single base station, did both behave similarly? 


Here are a couple of things that are known to cause similar issues:

  • A defective lighthouse (which would normally cause an error 03). This would be ruled out by testing each lighthouse individually. 
  • Power fluctuations. Lighthouses are sensitive to disturbances in power supplied to them and will behave similarly? Within your house, have any major changes happened in the last few days? Things like space heaters or kitchen appliances can be a source of problems. The disturbance could be from your neighborhood's grid. You could perhaps test for this if you have a UPS or a power strip with a conditioner. What color is the lighthouse status LED when this error occurs? 
  • Environmental heat - is your room above room temperature?
  • USB issues - have you tried another port? Stick to USB 2.0 ports. 
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