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Why did you choose these lenses?


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Did you people making this even put this thing on? I mean those swirls are massive, and ridiculous. What ya do get through making it all, and go well crap these lenses are garbage, o well just send it out anyways. You 100 percent don't how your swirl lenses in any of your videos? Don't give me any garbage about how it has to be that way, I have a PSVR, and it is clear as crystal, no circle swirls included. It is just mind boggling to me, how you would actually sit down and think putting that dumpster trash of lens in this thing was a good idea.


The other thing I don't get, you obviously know how important eye distance is, and you give people a piece of paper to stick to their face HA, like you actually think that is gonna give a accurate anything? I mean come on this is like real basic stuff now, you guys been smoking something in the developer room too long, fog those swirls up for ya so ya didnt notice?

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