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Issues with Long Distance Install


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I am attempting a long distance install. The Vive is in one corner of a 2000 sqft room, and the PC is in a server room in the opposite corner. I have (2) CAT6 going through the ceiling between the two points.


Currently using:


- J-Tech Digital Active HDMI Extender (transmitter/receiver). Have the transmitter on the PC end and the reciever on the Vive end

- Monoprice USB extension adapter (passive)


The Vive won't boot, getting error 208. I can see the Windows desktop in the Vive, but it won't start as usual. Using an Alienware Area 51, which has driven the Vive no problem in a typical setup before.


Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you.



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Yes, I installed power in the ceiling to provide power for the link box and repeaters.

I have an active HDMI repeater setup, and a passive USB extender setup

The cable run is around 125ft.

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Hi , 

While I don't have any experience with video signal extenders of that length being used for the Vive, I think it's pretty safe to say based on my experience that the USB extender also needs to be active past ~20 feet. I'm not 100% sure that's the source of your 208 but it could definitely be part of the problem. Can you possibly test if you get a 208 using the HDMI extender but with the USB plugged with the standard length run? 

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I'd still recommend isolating and testing the HDMI extender if possible. You can do this by having the HDMI extender in place while using the standard USB connector. If you get a 208 than the USB extender won't fix your issue. There is no guarantee that the HDMI extender will work and testing now will likely save you time. As you can see from this wiki, compatiblity with extenders is a mixed bag at best. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/wiki/cables 

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Hi all,


Thanks to everyone for the help. As you all advised, I tested every possible permutation of USB, HDMI, USB repeater, HDMI repeater, etc. The solution was to use:


IOGEAR 4 Port Extender Ethernet for the USB run


AV Access HDMI Extender for the HDMI


We are now successfuly running the Vives at ~150 feet away from the PCs driving them. No discernible lag.


The AV Access HDMI extenders are HDCP compliant, but the others I was using aren't...I suspect that may have been the issue, but I don't know enough about the DRM or whatever to make that call.


Thanks again to everyone for the help.

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