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Regarding Black Firday Deal


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I saw many threads but no one mentioned where to find the codes.


I brought it from Amazon



  • The special Black Friday bundle of the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System comes with a free VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap and includes Fallout 4 VR, Google’s Tilt Brush and a free trial for Viveport Subscription

I couldn't find anything inside the box or on invoice.


I contacted Amazon Support :

1.For Fallout 4 : they said  the game will be launching on Dec 12 so they will email me the code on  that day. (I thought I will be getting the code in box)

2.Regarding Google’s Tilt Brush and a free trial for Viveport Subscription: they have no idea. (I searched on my resources however I'm sorry I am unable to look for the promotion. In this case let me go ahead and forward this issue to our Marketing and promotions team.)


I got my bundle on Dec 1st .


What should I do ?Any suggestions ?



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New reply from Amazon :

I reviewed your comment and understand that you've not received the redemption code yet.


Please understand, you'll received the redeemable code inside the box along with the item and redeem the code on VIVE.com/code.


In case, if you the redeemable code was not included in the box, I would suggest you to please contact the manufacturer as they can help you in this case.


To contact the manufacturer, call at : 1800 266 3566


Here is the direct link : https://www.vive.com/in/support/contactus/


In case, if the manufacturer was not able to help you, please let us using the link below:






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Amazon is correct. It's a two step process since there is both Viveport and Steam content included in these bundles. You should have a promo card in the box. You redeem that promo code on www.vive.com/code. This will unlock any Viveport content that came with your promo and display the relevant Steam keys for any Steam content that came with the promo (and also shoot you an email with the Steam keys). The part about receiving the code on the day of launch is incorrect, you get it as soon as you enter the promo code on the redemption website. If the content is unreleased (as is the case with FO4) you can still add it to your Steam library but won't be able to play it until launch occurs. 

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Found it 




Check the left compartment of the vive box. It's underneath what looks like the base of the compartment. Both left/right sides actually open up I think.

The insert just mentions a software bundle, nothing specific about fallout 4. But that will be one of the options when you redeem it

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