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Headset Overheating


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My Vive loses tracking after 15-30 minutes.  In what is an otherwise perfect experience, using the Vive in 80 degree F or more causes the headset to get so hot that when I take the cover off and touch the USB cable, it is almost too hot to touch.  Issue seems to be worse when more graphics are involved (for example, Google Earth).  Living in Hawaii, this essentially means that if it's not winter, I can't play more than 20 minutes at a time.  I've had a ticket open since July.  Troubleshooting on their end has consisted of ensuring cables are plugged in, making me take photos of the play area, etc etc.  I don't foresee anything changing but I just wanted to articulate my frustration.  I have logged my CPU and GPU temps and they are perfectly fine.  Running a high end PC.  How common is this issue and where is the ownership from HTC?

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