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No RMA Process Updates


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I am turning to this forum as a last resort in keeping me as an HTC customer.  I have had a TERRIBLE experience with the VIVE customer service, and apparently I am not alone based on the countless other threads on this subject (if you have a few days to kill, check out all the similar posts on reddit).  I have outlined a timeline of my personal experience with the RMA process below.


November 25th, 2016 - Purchase HTC Vive.  Works great on my system for a few weeks.

Late December 2016 - One controller starts giving me problems - it disconnects and reconnects on its own, eventually stops pairing all together. Other controller still works fine.

Early January 2017 -  Contact HTC via chat (no phone support).  After running tests with tech support, I was told that the controller was not the problem, that computer is not up to correct specs to run VIVE.    This proves to be inaccurate due to the following:

  • Upon borrowing a friends controller, their controller works fine on my rig for a week or so with no issues.
  • Ran minimum spec test on PC using VIVE spec check directly from their website - PC passed test.

Early January 2017 - Tried to tell tech support the PC was not the issue, however they would not create an RMA because they maintained the PC was the issue.

January to November 2017 - Upon VIVE supports recommendation, I saved my money to purchase a high end PC.  Purchased high end PC on November 12th 2017

November 12th 2017 - After installing VIVE on new PC, controller still has the same issues as it did a year prior.  Reiterate concerns with VIVE support.  After much back and forth for a few days, VIVE finally agrees to RMA controller.  I was told repairs would be completed within 7-10 business days of receiving controller.

November 14th 2017 - Shipped VIVE controller to address provided

November 16th 2017 - USPS confirms delivery of package.  

November 16th - 28th - Still no word from support.  HTC Repair Tracking states it has not received my package.  Multiple emails sent to support go unresponded to.  Online chat support confirms that package was received Nov. 16th, but needs to talk to service center to check on status.  I was told by numerous support agents that they are sympothetic, they will "escalate" my case, and I will hear from service center within 24 hours.  Not one single contact from service support occurred.

November 29th -  I asked online chat to have member of management to contact me via phone call.  Received phone call that night from service support.  They were pleasant, but extremely vague and unhelpful.  They told me the same thing about "escalation" that I was told countless times before.  I asked where I could talk to someone who actually valued me as a customer and was given the number to the corporate office - (425) 679-5318.

November 30th - Called corporate office - unable to get in touch with human being.  Recorded prompt directs me to go online to their support site for help.

Dec 4th 2017 (Today) - I am at wits end with this service.  I still have no clue as to where in RMA process my controller is, but I do know that it is way past the time frame that I was promised.  I have spent A LOT of money to use the VIVE.  There are also A LOT of VR competitors out there.  One would think that someone who has spent almost a year dealing with this BS would be given SOME KIND of real concern.  This is my last ditch effort at seeing results.  If anyone at VIVE cares to retain me as a customer, I expect to be contacted within the next 24 hours and told that a controller is being shipped to me.  I dont care if it's mine that was repaired or a new one - but at this point, it's been over a year since I purchased my VIVE and I would like to actually use it for a change.



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