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The code you enter has already been redeemed


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Hi, I just bought my HTC Vive, I redeemed the 10digit code on vive.com/code, that gives me another code vía e-mail to redeem, the problem is when I try to use it, it says "The code you enter has already been redeemed"



On the other hand, it says "Please enter your 16-digit content redeem code", but the code I received has 17-digit.


Please help, I want my Tilt Brush.




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Hello, I appear to be having the same issue. When checked though, it appears my code is infact, a lot larger than 10 digits. It may be a steam code for tiltbrush. The issues being that Steam claims its a false code AND viveport says that it has already been redeemed. Please help- I too, am excited for tiltbrush. I have restarted my computer as well.

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