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How does a Controller pair with a headset?


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I know that Vive is using a proprietary method and equipment to allow for pairing of controllers to the headset and the communication between the two. I’m not asking for that information, specifically. What I am wondering about is that are each of those pairings unique for each headset and Controller pair? I’ll be installing many seated configuration Vives within the same space next year (a classroom) and I’m hoping that the controllers from one student’s desk won’t mess up the communication for others in the room. Once a pair of controllers are paired with a headset, can others be paired to different headsets without interfering with the prior pairing sets?


I’m talking about 25 stations, total. The headsets and controllers will be stored in lockers and brought out for each student as needed, with each headset and controller pair configured for each of the 25 stations in the room. I’m hoping I can stretch the ability/distance and use only two lighthouses for all students, though I hear that the Lighthouse 2.0 tech might support ore than two lighthouses. 

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That's a great question. I answered part of your question in a previous thread, so for the sake of keeping everything in one place, could we please stick to one thread at a time?

I'll respond here this once, but please refer to the previous thread for further discussion on your set up.

The concise non-technical answer is: Yes. Each set of controllers will pair to it's own HMD and will not interfere with other controllers or HMDs in the same space, so long as no controller or HMD is physically blocked from LOS with the base stations.

Thank you!

-John C

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