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Problems with my vive and my RMA


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Ok let me start with how my parts broke in the first place . The vive when working properly is great, I’m sure all of you feel the same way. 2 weeks into owning the vive, almost if by magic both of my trackpads stopped clicking on the right side. Common problem I understand, but after a year of the product being out I would expect the newer ones to relieve that problem but nope. So I decided that I would keep them like that for a while because of the nightmares I’ve heard when doing the RMA. It sucked but most games had a work around. Flash forward a couple of months when I get back to school. I’m all excited to play the vive since I couldn’t bring it. Came home and played it that night and everything was great. Next morning I come down stairs to one of my basestations blinking red. I look online and see it’s not a common problem but there may be a fix. Does not work so now it is clearly time to do an RMA. After spending hours trying to figure out the RMA on the chat I was able to process my ticket and send them out. Here is where it gets even worse. They send me a link on my email to use a tracker to see the repair progress. That would be amazing... if the thing actually worked. From what I see online it barley works for the phones and 100% won’t work for the vive, whatever let me chat them. I ask them to look up my ticket and let me know how far into the process I was. So the man tells me that they just received them and when they get repaired they will send me an email for the tracking. Well what a surprise it was that the same exact day three packages from HTC arrived at my house. Except I run into the problem that they only shipped 3 out of the 4 items and I’m missing a base station. So I’m trying to figure out if it was misplaced by UPS or maybe they didn’t send it. Guess how hard that was when I didn’t have any tracking numbers or emails. So finally after spending an hour trying to get someone to get me the tracking number it turns out that they haven’t sent it yet, whatever I can wait. What’s not acceptable is that the controllers they gave me were clearly new and guess what happened. They broke in the same way in about 1 day off use. I don’t understand how this company that understands this major issue is able to just send me controllers they know are going to break. I’m not looking to send them back, I would rather void the warrant on my vive controllers 100 times fixing them myself then have them send me back something that’s going to break. I would have fixed them in the first place if I knew that they were gonna pull a move like that. I’m not sending them back but what I’m I do want is someone to help me get the tracking on this last item. I have the ticket number just help me do something right.

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