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Vive controller menu button and touchpad not clicking on the top


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Hey! I bought my vive around May or June and just recently I tried playing a game and I realized that my left controller’s touchpad and menu button(the one above the touchpad)weren’t clicking easily and I was wondering if there was an easy fix without voiding the warranty. Thank you!

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Hello StaleBread4,

I see you have a problem with Controller buttons
Given what information you have provided, I have these suggestions to resolve your problem:
• Make sure you dont have an pending/needed updates on the remotes
• Make sure the buttons are clean around them, it may help to blow hard on them r use compressed air to blow away any junk (without needing to open it)


If you cannot fix the issue with these steps you will need to contact vive about a repair, as you bought less than 365 days ago you should still be covered. You cannot open the remotes or any components, as may need to do to fix this issue without voiding your warranty.

If these do not fix your issue, feel free to leave this topic open,
I or another user will try to assist you further shortly!

If I have assisted you with your issue, or resolved your problem, Please accept my response as the answer.

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hi, I have been facing the same issue with my device but the instruction which you provide help me a lot to fix my device and now my device is working properly thanks for the help.but now I have a question about this device that, can I connect this device to my windows 10 support laptop because I want to transfer the data from my vive device to laptop.


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