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please help.. brand new vive keeps crashing


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i have just baught the htc vive a day or 2 ago and also got a brand new computer im not big into what everything is but its a gaming computer  on the box it says cyberpower pc. i belive its an asus or something like that, but i installed everything and it worked up until 20-30 min into playing a game then it crashes my pc and makes it restart. sometimes it restarts and sends me back to my computers home screen..then sometimes it just continues to say no signal display but my computer is still on, and the only way for me to get a display is if i shutdown my computer fully and turn it back on.. im running a hdmi through a tv for a desktop display. it doesnt matter what game it is it will let me play sometimes for a good hour then it crahes or sometimes it only lets me play for 15-20min and then it crashes.. any solutions?

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Correct. Try different ports and see if that makes a difference. Also you can clear USB Drivers. 

Uninstall third party USB Host Controller drivers

Due to compatibility, some PC hardware manufacturers may implement different USB Host Controller drivers. These third party drivers may interfere with the Vive hardware, causing it not to function properly. Replacing third party drivers with generic windows drivers is expected to resolve this issue.

  1. On the computer, press [Windows] key + R.
  2. On the Run dialog, type “msc” unquoted.
  3. Extend the Universal Serial Bus controllers
  4. Look for a driver that includes the words “eXtensible Host Controller” or “xHCI
  5. Right click on it and select Uninstall driver.
  6. Restart the computer and Windows will install a generic version of it.


-John C

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