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Grey flashing


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My vive is flashing grey constantly making it unplayable, I've lined up the basestations perfectly, I've reinstalled the usb drivers, I've deleted the steam.vrsetting in the steam folder, I've tried cleaning the base stations and headset, why is this happening? How do I fix it? I've only had my vive for a little over a year and I've got the **bleep**s because the vive had started to break down just after the one year warranty was up. first the controllers broke then I had to fix them and they still dont work properly and now the headset isnt working. I would like some answers and advice on how to fix this.

Its given me a really bad taste in my mouth and I'm reconsidering whether I'll bother with a vive again or just wait for something with a bit better shelf life.

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I fixed the issue by doing all of the following, using the vr setting I uninstalled the usb drivers, I then plugged the vive into a different usb 2.0 slot on my pc, I lined up my basestations so they were perfectly alligned and brought them closer together.

I updated my graphics driver to the latest driver, I deleted steam.vrsetting in the steam folder, I pushed my super sampling up higher, I then ran room setup and cleaned my vive headset and base stations with a microfibre cloth.

Low and behold the flashing has stopped and my vive looks even better then it did previously.

If you follow these steps you should solve any grey flashing issues.

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