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We're in the process of translating our game to a few languages, the problem is I can't seem to find any information about how this is handled in Viveport. On Steam, you either submit different packages or query the api about the users selected language in Steam. On Viveport none of these options seems available.


Either I'm just not finding the information or I'll assume that we must have a language selector in the game?

I also read that games are only distributed in China, so perhaps there's no reason to release the game on Viveport in any other language than Simplified Chinese?



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1) For individual retail sale, it's correct that we currently only distribute games in China... 


2) However, we do have the subscription and arcade programs. If either of those are under consideration, then your title could be distributed in any/all of the 61 territories we service.


3) We don't require nor request localization in languages other than English and Chinese. Many developers choose to have language selection utilizing OS language discovery but others use a language menu in-game. When we do localization on behalf of the developer in the store, the title, description, and metadata is translated from the English submission

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