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Slow download speeds


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So i'm getting the insanely slow download pseeds dispite me having gigabit internet. I've gone through CS contacted my ISP, ran speed tests, refreshed the connections through ISp tech support, reset the router, and reinstalled the app. and it's still either starting at high speeds and then slowing down or just starting at slow speeds.


my vive port version is 1.1.8(r5)

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Has there ever been a fix to this? I can download Fallout4VR on steam at about 4-6mbps download speed. Anything I try to download on Viveport starts at my 4-5mbps, and then drops down to below 1mbps. Max I get is 0.4mbps, that makes it impossible to even download anything. 


My speed works just fine, my speed tests show 6mbps download, steam downloads just fine, it just seems to be viveport doing this? 


I might not renew the subscription unless you guys are actively fixing this issue? 

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