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Vive @ CES 2018

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Here is a running summary of Vive's CES 2018 announcements thus far. Viveport VR is currently available in early access and can be experienced firsthand by updating your client to v.1.1.8. Viveport VR FAQ


As a friendly reminder, our live-chat and forum staff are unable to comment on any aspect of these announcements (pricing, release dates, ect.) beyond what has been officially announced.  :smileywink:


Vive Pro Announcement:


Viveport VR - Early Access Launch Trailer: 


Vive Video - Now Featuring Vimeo: 


Vive Keynote Summary - Vive Pro and Wireless: 


Day 1 Expo Recap: 

 Day 2 Expo Recap: 


Day 3 Expo Recap:

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