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HMD image shaking issue when standing still


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Hi. I've had my Vive since April 2016, and this has always been an issue. When standing still and looking at a menu or still object up close, I can see them shaking. For example, if I'm standing at a desk in VR at normal height and look down at it, I can see it and objects on it shaking. I've tried everything to fix it. Many people claim that they don't have this issue. My base stations are 6.6m apart, and my playspace is 4x4m. I have them both mounted into studs as tight as possible. I even added an additional mount to each, so they're both mounted to the wall twice, once in the stud and once in the dry wall. There are no reflective objects near the playspace. All door knobs, door stoppers, hinges, etc., are covered (I used a laser pointer to hunt down reflections). I tried USB 3.0 and 2.0. I even built a new computer thinking that that might fix it. It did not. I tried room setup many times. I tried different angles of the basestations. They're both pointing down toward the center of the playspace. They're using the sync cable and in B-C mode. Will the 2.0 base stations have this same problem? My PC: i7 8700K, 1080 Ti, 32GB 3200 DDR4 . Please, help.


Thank you,


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