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HMD not detected


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I had relocated my PC to another room temporarily and I just moved it back to hook back up to the vive.  Im now getting a lot of either error 108 or error 208.  In addition when I start steamVR it tries to install microsoft C++2017 but cannot find the file ( and i haven't had luck installing from their site) The red light has been on the vive the whole time.  Here is my PC Specs:


Intel I5-4690k

MSI R9 390

16 gb DDR3

Win 10

So far I have tried the following troubleshooting to no avail:


-I have power cycled the link box numerous times.

-I ran USBDEVIEW and got rid of all the drivers necessary

-I have reinstalled Steam VR

-I updated all drivers and GPU to latest

-Tried different HDMI cable

-Tried connecting HDMI and usb directly to computer

-Tried multiple different USB inputs (2.0 and 3.0)

-Tried reconnecting cables at Vive headset directly.


What else can I do?  Is it likely the 3 in 1 cable... or the HMD?  




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I see that youre having software issues with the HTC VIVE HMD

good news is Its most likely a software end issue than Hardware Issue


As youve stated youve tried many things including cycling Software, drivers, hardware locations etc.

I want to let you Know that your Vive will not work plugged directly into the PC as its not meant to operate like that, hence the need for the display adapter box.


• Please ensure that your vive is sitting within view of one if not both of your lighthouses. To recognize it they need to see it and it needs to not be in sleep mode (sitting still for a prolonged amount of time)

• If this does not resolve your issue make sure that your Lighthouses are properly set up and synced with one another.

• You may also want to attempt verifying the integrity of the SteamVR tool within Steam > Library > Tools > SteamVR


If youre still recieving issues with tracking It may be beneficial to use the included cable to link the two lighthouses via Wire and seeing if the tracking works then. Base stations (lighthouses) can only be so far away from eachother before needing this cable to perform.


If this has not resolved your issue please respond here, and I or another member of the community will try and resolve your issue.



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