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Headset will not turn on


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Hello Martin, 

I suggest trying the following steps to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve your issue.


• Check for driver updates

• Check for OS updates (i.e. Windows update)

• Prioritize your GPU settings for Steam & SteamVR to Maximum Performance

• Verify the integrity of your SteamVR install

• Check that your Lighthouses are set up properly and are ready for tracking

• Check for updates on your components (i.e. Headset, Controlers, Lighthouses)


Hopefully one of these will resolve your issue. If not you can respond here, and I or another member will try to assist you further.


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PC is having issues---Alienware rep is coming to our house to install wireless card go my Bose headphones will work but it might help my VR as well.  When my bose headphones would not work ---this is about the same time the vive would not work.

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