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Idea for new Features


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Okay. So this came into my head recently as i began thinking through the history of how the entirity of gaming worked towards a kind of VR experiance. my head bounced around a bit and the pile of garbage called the Kinect came to mind. then the vive came to mind. 

Now while the kinect is a pile of trash all by itself it's concept is valid. and could be used to help remove controllers. 

then i thought of a kind of gloves with sensors that measure distance between eachother.. perhaps several sensors along the fingers that measure the distances bettween the sensors above, below, and on the oppisite figners beside it.

The Kinects capabilites could come into play with general postionioning to be used in conjuction with the sensors to help remove controllers even more from the equation. 

Then i had an idea for more physical feedback. and then my mind wandered to a few famous youtubers using muscle stimulators. Physical feedback has always been a problem with motion controls. perhaps a sleeve (that includes the glove) that goes from the hand up to and including the bicep. they could have small muscle stimulatiors in them so that physical feedback could be more apparent. 

And example of this would be when you're picking up a cube in VR. when you clasp your fingers around the object. the stimulatiors would kick in the fingers to make some resistance when picking it up. 

would take alot of senors and alot of Tedium to create and code for it. 

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