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vive lens flickering after 1-2 mins then shuts off


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i just set up my vive for the second time as i had moved house, the night that i set it up it was all fine but after about 10 mins of use the next day i noticed a slight red flickering in my left lens. as the day went on it got worse and worse getting to a point where you couldnt even see the game it was just madness. i even bought a new hdmi cable but there is no fix yet. Does anyone know how to fix this?

At one point the vive display just turned off.


currently my vive is in another room to my pc so i bought a 5m usb extention cord and a 5 m hdmi.

also when i mirror the vive display to my pc you cant see the flickering.

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You said you bought a new HDMI cable. Did you plug the cable into the HMD and the PC? I'm wondering if the 3-in-1 cable is going out. You can also make sure it's plugged in firmly. Usually those sort of display artifacts are related to the 3-in-1 either being lose or going bad.


-John C

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