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Vive Focus - User Guide


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If you want to get to know your Vive Focus better, check out _ViveFocusUserGuideEnglish_20180124.pdf. We ship this guide with the consumer Focus units to help users get acquainted with the device. 


  It covers topics such as: 


   Button functions of the headset and controller

  Wearing the headset

  Signing up for a Viveport account

  Pairing the controller with the headset

   Connecting to wifi

  Using the Quick Menu

  Updating Controller and HMD Firmware







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please, do you have more technical guide? Something like, description of the sensor, boundary angles for tracking.....

I noticed that the ceiling was not tracking (when look up).



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Hi Michal,


If there's insufficient level of detail like a blank wall (or low lighting) then you may come across some tracking issues but technically there isn't any limitation based on angles, so looking at ceiling or floor should work. If you're referring to the chaperone grid system to protect the user, it's currently 2m x 2m and you are centered inside it whenever placing the hmd on (using a proximity sensor).  The inside-out tracking is accomplished solely by the two cameras (and why lighting is important).




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So, simple question, and I can't believe I'm asking it. How do you uninstall an application that you've installed?  Also is there a way to force-quit an application that is running? Surprised this isn't more intuitive generally.


Follow up question might be when is v 2.0 coming out for developers and if it addresses some of these issues?

We have some big demos coming up with the prototype and these little things are really bugging us. Thanks for your help!

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uninstall using
adb uninstall
in the command line interface. If you're not familiar with adb, it is really worth learning more about it if you are working with Android systems such as the Focus.


You can quit any app running on the Focus by pressing the Home button.


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right, I know there is an adb path to uninstall, but from within VR there doesn't seem to be a way to manage the content you've installed or purchased. Very odd since there isn't a companion app available yet for the phone, and all of the onboarding was done through VR, so It seems everything should be managed through the in-vr version of viveport. 


On the home button side of things I have exited the app we are developing with the UE4 WaveVR plugin, but it looks like it doesn't really exit, since launching it again sets us back to where we last were, rather than the beginning. perhaps I need an event listener from when the user goes home to force quite the application? 

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As with most Android devices you can go to settings->apps to stop or uninstall apps

The Home button will cause the onPause - on Resume lifecycle of the Android app. It's up to the app developer to decide how to handle these lifecycle events, i.e whether to resume or restart the activity and manage resources accordingly


The user manual is here:


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Awesome, thanks for the detailed response Dario.


Specially on the specifics around the onPause onResume lifecycle, that makes sense and it is helpful. Though I didn't see it documented in the user manual, I do see it mentioned under the proximity sensor piece of the WaveSDK. I'll look further into how this process fits with the Unreal implementations. 


On the Uninstall - I was able to do what I needed to from within VR - by going to Settings then more settings then clicking through the 2D android interface the find the Apps menu, then scrolling around through several system apps to find the ones I had downloaded from the Viveport store and remove them. Seems to be a pretty clunky pattern in my view, I'd hope a future update allows us to manage an app from within the viveport interface. I know these things take time to polish, I'm trying to provide useful feedback. 

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