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Submission: The project already developed by using SteamVR plugin for Steam


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We are about to release our game to Steam. So it means, there is a build developed by using the SteamVR plugin.


The question is, is it OK to submit our build without any further task?


I know Viveport support SteamVR plugin, but I'm asking since I want to make sure. Also, I know I should do some works about Achievement, Leaderboard, Analytics, and IAP. 


Thanks in advance.

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You'd likely want to include the Viveport SDK to make use of the integrated DRM but can submit your Steam build without any further alterations, although any functionality based upon the Steamworks SDKs may be affected. The Viveport SDK does have things like IAP and we're working on developing the SDK's core offerings. If you don't integrate the Viveport SDK, a wrapper based DRM method will be applied. I'm happy to help connect you to a member of our content team who can walk you through the process. 

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