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GUIDE: How to purchase through Viveport


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Hi Vivers! Based on my initial review here are some thoughts about making your first purchases. I hope this is helpful.


Viveport made its mass public debut late last week and since this is an app store for virtual reality content, making a purchase is a topic that needs to be cover. The store has been accessible in China prior to releasing to the rest of us, but not all the kinks have been worked out yet. Making a purchase is one of the core features of Viveport so let's get things set up properly so others can enjoy some of the unique offerings inside HTC's new content delivery outlet.


While we do refer to Viveport as a storefront, sales are completed in more of a vending machine type fashion. Each item is selected and paid for individually instead of using the cart method where multiple items can be window shopped and then scooped up at the register with one transaction.


Purchase problems:

There are two issues purchasing individually; one is more of a lack of convenience while the other is a hassle that I read about and then personally experienced shortly thereafter.

  1. One purchase at a time: Since we as customers, can only purchase one app at a time we have to select a method of payment for each transaction which can be a burden. HTC made it a little easier for customers by allowing us to save a card for future use, but not everyone likes to leave their credit card info lying around on various sites when the potential for it to be stolen is always a possibility.
  2. Security alert from credit authority: During the 48-celebration period I bought a couple of experiences for a dollar each and as mentioned above this meant two separate purchases were made very close to each other using the same method of payment. To some credit authorities this resembled a fraudulent attack from a new source and cards were frozen to protect the card holder. My two purchases on Friday went through, but I tried to make a third purchase this morning and I received a security alert from my bank which I had to call them to clear before I could use the card again.

How to make your first purchase:

Start with the web browser: There are a few ways to buy apps through Viveport, but as far as I know you must first start using the web interface on your PC. I browsed the store from my phone and from the app, but didn't get an option to purchase until I went to the web from my computer and added my card info. This may have been an early bug so others may have success from another portal.


If you haven't already logged in you will need to create an account with HTC's single sign-on. You can link to your Facebook, Google+, or Steam account for ease of access. Please note, you may have to log out and back into the Vive desktop app after registering with HTC's single sign-on. 

we are enabling HTC's single sign-on
for logging in here. If you are a new member, you will
and then use that to sign into the forums. (After you've registered and return to the forums, you will be asked to provide a username on initial sign-in.)

Add a method of payment: You should be able to add free content to your library without defining a method of payment, but in order to download paid content you will have to add a credit source to continue.

  • Simply find and select an item you wish to purchase
  • Select the green button with the price of the app
  • Click the continue button to accept the Viveport terms
  • Add a method of payment from the available options (depends on your region).

When you add a method of payment you can check a box that saves this information for future use and the Viveport team ensures they follow the proper security measures to protect its customers. Opting to save this info in Viveport prompts the user to create a PIN as an added layer of security. You will have to enter this PIN prior to all purchases going forward.


Add/Change/Remove method of payment: To make a change to your method of payment you will need to follow the same steps as listed above and after you accept the Viveport terms you will see an option in the top right corner of the new window to access My payment accounts.

At the moment, this is the only way to retrieve your payment accounts, but in the future HTC should organize this to be accessed from the profile options under your avatar.

After you've added a method of payment through the web interface you should be able to purchase content from the Vive desktop app and the web. If you have trouble in the desktop app try signing out and back in to refresh your account with the app.


What merchant to look for via email and on your credit statement: HTC has partnered with an online merchant for these transactions so you won't see a debit on your statement from HTC. The company used is called Xsolla and you'll get an email from mailer@xsolla.com with your transaction details.


Can a purchase be reimbursed?

Currently, Viveport's policy on purchases is very unforgiving. Only three reasons qualify justification for a refund unless you come up with a reason they haven't defined yet.

We could only refund if:

  1. There’s a problem on the content itself.

  2. The content is purchased fraudulently.

  3. A redeem code is received after your purchase.

How can Viveport be better?

For users to see an immediate improvement while using Viveport it would be nice to see HTC embrace the cart feature for purchases greater than one item. Make it easier for customers and they will spend more money.


The My Content section includes all VR titles; even ones purchased via Steam. While it is a great way to promote the use of Viveport since you can access all your content, a sort feature would have some benefit so we could quickly access the ones we can only access through Viveport. HTC could add a Purchased category next to My Content and Downloads or the Download list could retain all items funneled directly from Viveport with new additions arriving at the top of the list. If nothing else, add a search bar to the storefront and our My Content section so we can type in the experience we're looking for.


Viveport has been live for a few days now and hopefully many of you have had a chance to browse the library. During the first 48 hours, HTC ran a special on 5 titles and there's a few items you won't find on Steam at the moment. Pearl is the best example I can provide right now and while it is available for mobile users those that have tried it with the Vive are bragging about how much better of an experience it is with room scale. The best part is that it is free on Viveport! Lumen is another item you can't find on Steam right now and I'm about to try it for the first time so I can't speak on the experience.


Viveport can also get better the more you use it. It's up to the community to help shape the experience we want to get from this portal. HTC is listening, please share your opinion so they can make improvements based on your feedback.


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