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Going on 4 months Repair process


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My Vive controllers broke on oct 10th 2017. They both had the same issue and i sent both in to be repaired as covered by the warrenty. 2 Weeks later I got them back one fixed one not fixed. I messaged in about it and after another week they finally sent me a return shipping label. I sent it back in to the repair center in texas. They received it on nov 6th 2017. 3 months later its not fixed, they have no estimate for when it will be fixed. They fixed the first one in one week but the other one that has the exact same problem is taking over 3 months somehow. They literally tell me nothing other than its not fixed yet. They said 7-10 business days. This 3 month wait ontop of the intial month wait just to have it sent back still broken is absolutely excessive. 2 months ago i requested that they look into taking steps towards keeping that controller and sending me a new one. They keep saying that they are waiting to hear back from headquaters TWO MONTHS LATER. This is absolutlely absurd ive gone throught the chat support over 18 times now taking a half hour each time just to be told they arent ready. and again THEY DONT OFFER ANY SORT OF TIME ESTIMATE. i could be waiting another 2 months for all i know. Can somebody please help me Im at the end of my rope. A game i waited over half a year for and prepurchased and was one of the main reasons i even bought the vive in the first place came out oct 17th and i still havent even gotten to try it yet. 

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