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Lighthouses 2.0 - How many headsets inside the 100 m2?


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From a strictly hardware side, lighthouses can accommodate as many HMDs as the physical space can fit without occlusion becoming an issue.


The realistic answer to this however hinges on safety and practicality. You need to account for all factors that impact safety such as cable management (wireless vs wired HMD's), the facility itself (fire code, local coding, ect...), as well as highly specific factors if you're a commercial operation such as what your insurance company will allow. 


On the software side, the amount of space required per user will vary depending on the specific experience that you're hosting; some experience require users to run around or make large and sudden movements and thus will require a larger safety buffer between users. Some experience will allow multiple users in the same tracked volume whereas others will require you to subdivide the tracked volume into smaller zones per each HMD.  As the floodgates open for VR arcades in the west, I anticipate that we'll see an increased focus on arcade operator friendly features that help account for multi-user tracked volumes. 


In other words: It's really dependent on what you're trying to acomplish. Always err on the side of safety because two users running full speed into each other is a real risk in multi-user setups.

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