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No update on repair process....


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Sent my controller in for repair on 1/23/18, UPS says it arrived at 1/26/18, so i know that it has arrived, but the website that i got to track the repair process , it doenst even say that they have received it, and since i havent gotten ANY update about whats going on, (and after reading so many horror stories of the repair process of htc )...im getting very worried, all im looking for is an update or confirmation of just something! I dont want it taking any longer then i was told (2-3 weeks) to be repaired. Yes it has only been 2 weeks tomorrow, but i havent heard anything about it and im worried. So if i can get some help that would be appreciated.

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PM me the RMA number. I will add though, that currently, our tracking system isn't working so that will never update with any information, regardless of where the repair is in process.

I can take a look and make sure everything looks okay (Though I'm sure it is)

Thank you!

-John C

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