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I have problems with many viveport titles, including games and other content.


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I can not launch almost no title out of  free content. Namely "Invasion", "Let Hawaii happen", "Gnomes and Goblins", "Satr Wars: Trial on Tatooine", "Automotive Customisation Experience".

And for about a week, since viveport update, I can't launch "Pearl". I can not launch "Everest VR", game I have purchased by redeem code from my Vive starting package.

I have troubles with other games I played via viveport subscribtion. I have problems with sound (I can not hear anything) in "Marksman VR". Rescently I couldn't start "Star wars: Droid Repair Bay", game frosen upon showing the title screen. Surprisengly I couldn't launch "Operation Warcade", I have never had problems with it for several months. I have chosen two titles by subscribtion - "Light tracer" and "Dont Knock Twice" neither of them started. 

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