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Vive headset turns off 5 seconds after launching steamvr


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I've had this set since sept last year and i never had a problem with it until last week everytime i launch steamvr it stays on for a few secs and then goes black, If i was lucky it would somehow run but if i turned it off i have to start from the beginning.
Asus GTX 1080 ti
Asus Z270F
16gb ram

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I tried with beta branch on still the same, I've noticed something before it turns itself off the frames lag about 4-6 times before it goes black, i played today morning and had no problems now im trying to turn it on but it wont work.

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Sorry mr but i dont know if you have the brain capacity of a bird but as I said it worked for a little bit then just stops working anyways i fixed my problem thanks for nothing keep it going.

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