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Works for 2-3 minutes then no tracking grey screen, USB driver will not install


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Problem: Everything works for a few minutes then the headset screen turns grey. SteamVR gives Error 108 and all device icons turn grey. 30 - 60 seconds later the everything comes back. This repeats. It is as if the whole Vive eco system is rebooting/restarting every couple of minutes.


History: The system worked great for over a year then started having random tracking drop outs. Also the USB driver for the Link Box is no longer installing. 


System: Windows 10, eVGA Z270 Mobo, GF 1080 and an Inateck PCI-e USB 3.0 card. There are also a number of USB devices attached including full thrustmaster flight setup, camera, mouse, keyboard, etc. . . 


What I have tried: 

- USB 2.0, 3.x both 3rd party card and MoBo

- Removal of ASMedia USB drivers (Steam Support Suggestion)

- Up-to-date NVIDIA drivers

- The all the FAQ steps (SteamVR uninstall, Link Box reboot, etc . . .)

- Disabled all power management settings all the way down to the USB Hub device settings.

- The Link Box USB driver never installs now. The Vive USB device is always banged out in Device Manager

- Cables all check good and are seated

- Relocated the Lighthouses multiple times

- Tried wired and wireless Lighthouse setups

- Uninstall all Vive and SteamVR software and then reinstall

- Using SteamVR Beta (Steam Support Suggestion)


Something I have not tried yet is the pluggin in a thumb drive in the link box to see if it is detected. Will try that tonight. I am hoping someone can suggest what to try next. Thank you.

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Here are my results.

USB drive plugged into Link Box = WORKS

USBDeview Remove HTC Devices and Reattach Vive = FAILS

By Passing Link Box = WORKS

The failure case Windows reports no drivers found for the Link Box. When the HMD cuts out USBDeview refreshes as if a new device was detected. From this it appears to be a bad Link Box, correct?


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I received the replacement Link Box today. Things are still not quite right, better and there is a diference between the old and the new Link Boxes. But the issue still happens just not as right away. I will be doing some more testing to see if I can narrow things down.


Question though, what is the function of the Link Box? As far as I know the Bluetooth in it is used to update firmware and power manage the lighthouses. It also servers as a tether break for the cable. Is there anything else? 

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i’ve been having similar issues. things worked great for months. then the problems started. i tried buying a new hub but problems continue. it’s either got to be bad hardware or drivers - since nothing else has changed.


anybody know what manages the tracking function? if one of the wall tracker boxes went bad, might you get similar symptoms?

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Have you tried by passing the Link Box and plug the HMD's HDMI and USB directly to the system? If that works then your Lighthouse's are likely fine.


The issue I am seeing is best defined as the Link Box disconnects/reconnects ever few minutes. To see if this is what you are seeing, run USBDeview then start SteamVR. Hold and move the HMD around while watching the USBDeview. If you have the same issue as me you will see the Link Box drop and then reconnect. During this time the HMD will loose tracking and have a grey screen.

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