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[Temporary solution] Vive going black about few seconds (nvidia)


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Many Vive users in our VR community with nvidia cards, are experiencing black screen after launching steamVR, it shows home screen few seconds, you can see your home and then black screen, and headset led goes from green to red.

if you are in the same situation (since the febrary, 26 2018), it may be caused by the new nvidia pilot update. sadly we have  found that if roll back to 388.59, everything goes back to normality. just be sure to do a clean install.


hope it helps, and avoids unusfull rma, and waste of time and energy for everyone.



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Good to know that nvidia is aware, Thank you for the info, I'll spread the info, as many people are getting worried arround me.

by the way rift users are experiencing same issue, that means that all VR users are concerned.


have a nice day.

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hey, just been having an issue like this.

Except that the games work for a while, then suddenly, and randomly just stops working.

Both the Vive's screen and my main monitor's screen goes black and won't come back until a reboot.

Is this the same problem you're having?

I was thinking that it could have been overheating, but my temperatures stay around the high 70s low 80s mark at most for my GPU (GTX 1070).

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