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My Game not showing up in the store, although it says it has been published.


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, Sorry for the wait, the delay was my responsibility.


This is a bug that we're patching with our March 12th platform update which will enable global game sales. I will follow up with you on 3/12/18 to verify the issue has been resolved.


This bug may affect others who have published a free title that's opted-in to distribution in all 61 countries but opted-out of subscription. Any developers who have similar issues can post here and I'll be sure to verify your submission. 


Sorry for the inconvience !

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Our title 'Kolb Antarctica Experience' is also experiencing the same issues. In the Developer dashboard it says it has been Published since Mar 1, 2018 but still not showing up in the store.

Viveport ID: fd4eca3f-e252-4a8c-836d-1a978f5bacdf


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We looked into your submission - it's currently opted into Viveport Education which is a B2B distribution platform specifically designed to allow schools to license content under license terms specifically designed for educational institutions. The title is available for purchase - however Viveport Education is only available in China (as listed in the description) and you have to be an educational institution to purchase it hence why you don't see it. 


We're modifying the backend to make the delineation between the different platforms clearer as we understand it's confusing. I'd imagine your goal is to simply see worldwide distribution - education and home/arcade are different portals and we're unable to simply modify your submission in the backend. What you'll need to do is create a new title and be sure to select home/arcade rather than education. Once you submit your new title and it's approved, you'll be posted on the global store and all users will be able to purchase and download your title. Let me know if you have any futher questions and I apologize for the confusion! 



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