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Redeem Content window loads perpetually


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When I open the Redeem Content menu on the Viveport desktop app it says "Loading..." and doesn't ever change. This has been going on for about a week through several reboots of my PC. I have checked my Viveport app and it does not have any available updates. I have left the Redeem Content window open and played a game of Civilization for upwards of 6 hours, only to find the window still "Loading...".


Is there any way to fix this? Is this just me, or are other people experiencing the same issue?



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I don't think it worked before. The only other things that I've redeemed were the Tilt Brush and Fallout 4 VR when I got my Vive. And maybe the first month of Viveport subscription but I don't think that had a code to redeem.


Viveport just ran an upate and it is still not working. I'm on version 1.2.0 (r17).


I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled because I can't find the Viveport Desktop on my control panel to uninstall it. What are the steps to uninstall on Windows 10?

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