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HTC Vive & Plex


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So I broke down and bought a Vive and wow I’m so impressed! I have a plex server that I run on a separate pc from my gaming one. I want to be able to watch my content on plex. I downloaded plevr off of steam and that app doesn’t work well at all. I download cmoar which had a plex tab but it has to be local to your pc and obviously mines on a separate rig. I’ve also tried viewing through virtual desktop but it’s laggy as hell. Also, unrelated how can I game in theatre mode without a serious FPS drop? I’ve tried through steam vr and virtual desktop but it’s not that great. 

My rig is a i7-6700k 32gb ddr4 trident z nvidia Titan x with 12gb gddr 5 vram.


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 - I haven't been in comm with the Plex developers like  but it seems like they strictly support the most common mobile VR platforms currently - not a single desktop HMD runtime is supported so most VR headsets are unsupported by Plex. 


The community typically recommends that desktop users would recommend either PleVR (although that project seems to not be reciving updates) but most have settled on Bigscreen. If using a VR browser like Firefox Reality you can manually navigate to your Plex sever's address and connect that way. You can also just open Plex in a desktop window and use something like OVRDrop or Remote Desktop to pull that window in. 

This is likely one of those things where you can reach out to the Plex developers to register your interest in them developing for desktop platforms. I see a few scattered threads requesting it but that's about it. Plex does not release their project timelines so there's really no public word on them about desktop VR support.  



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