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Vive Pro / New Lighthouses needed for development


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I work for a large corporation currently working on leveraging VR to develop training for our Field Service Engineering Team. We are currently on our 3rd project and are looking at deploying VR in a classroom. This would involve multiple headsets being used in a large scale classroom using one set of lighthouses. I know the new lighthouses coming out with the Vive Pro are going to allow this type of configuration in a larger scale. 



We have created a collaborative VR environment, added a CAD model to the scene ( Stripped and Decimated to make it VR Friendly). Created a Server to handle all the connections and the VOIP. We want to have students local and abroad connect to the classroom and hopefully teach classes via VR without the need for lengthy and expensive travel for the FSE's. This would be a huge time saver and cost reduction to the company. We currently use HTC Vives in our classroom and abroad tro demonstrate products and train service procedures on complex equipment.


We are also extremely interested in the Vive Pro due to the upgraded optics and resolution to better show up board connections, small relays, intricated CAD data, and text in our training simulations. 


I would be more then willing to show your team what we have created and look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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