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Want a Vive but can't afford a GPU upgrade


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As the post says I really REALLY want to jump into VR once the Pro headset launches but I also really need a GPU upgrade to do so. My PC is otherwise easily up to par. How are you planning on selling Pro headsets (which are going to require at the very least a GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti to have a great experience and be even semi future proof) when GPU's are currently priced at almost 2 x MSRP on the open market and are otherwise virtually unavailable from NVidia itself or 3rd party manufacturers who themselves are price-gouging. 


How will the Pro sell if it will require someone who already owns a $1,500 - $2,000 PC, and has to spend another $1,500 on a GPU upgrade before they even think about buying the headset for another $750+ for a total of over $4,000.00 before even getting accessories and games? This is a huge paywall for anyone to have to consider getting over. 


Do you plan to bundle a GPU with the Pro possibly? I think this would be a great idea and the only way it will sell to the masses. Even if NVidia launches its new GPU series later this year, they will all most likely be snapped up by crypto-miners. Since you also make phones and have an inside track on DDR5 and DDR6, the shortage of which NVidia is blaming for the lack of GPU's, you could leverage that into getting memory to NVidia in exchange for a good deal on the new 2080 GPU's (or whatever they will be called) and bundling them with your Pro so people like me could upgrade without being gouged or at the mercy of the mining market. Thanks for listening as I am really concerned because I do not want to wait until 2019 to get into VR but I also cannot justify being gouged on  a GPU upgrade for double the MSRP to do so.

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