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I really want to buy a Vive Pro but can't afford a GPU upgrade


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As the title says, I really want to buy a Vive Pro but can't afford a GPU upgrade. To put it more accurately, I can afford an upgrade but cannot in all sanity pay twice MSRP to a reseller for a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti because I am not a moron. My PC is otherwise very strong it just has a GTX 1060 which I do not consider strong enough for VR.


What are you at HTC planning to do to make the HTC Vive Pro even remotely affordable and marketable when adequate GPU's are currently being marked up to twice MSRP by retailers & resellers alike and not at all available from the manufacturers themselves? 


Do you really expect people to shell out $2,000.00 for a PC + $1,500.00 for a GPU before even considering paying $800.00 for a VR headset? If so please book me on a flight to whatever planet you are living on as it sounds like a really fantastical place to live.


I suggest that you use your significant market strength to work with Samsung etc and NVidia to supply them with enough DDR5 or DDR6 to make some 1080 Ti eqivalents (Volta, Ampere, or whatever) that you can then bundle with your headset for say about $1,500.00 all in which would actually have a chance at selling. This is all I would pay even if I could afford more (which I could but won't as I will not be gouged). Otherwise good luck to you all as I will not be investing a total of $4,000.00 or more just to get into VR before even considering any accesories and games.


If that is the case I will just continue living my life with my current PC / console games, although I would really love to get onboard with you all. I just cannot be ripped off soley due to greedy crypto-currency miners who are snatching up all the GPU's, and who I'm sure will do the same with the next generation of cards due out this year from NVidia. These cards should boost VR and 4k gaming but will most likely simply be all bought up and marked up to mine with. This is disgraceful and cannot be allowed to happen, as I would hope you can agree, unless you see a huge market for the Vive Pro to miners, which I do not see how that will be the case in even the most remote way.


Please take my advice and work out some deal where a consumer can purchase a headset and high end GPU bundle so that gamers like me can buy your product and get into VR without being price-gouged and otherwise sidelined due to miners ruining the market. If you will pay for me relocating I will gladly send you my resume and come work for you to see this accomplished, and I will get this done if no one else is capable. Thank you for listening and your consideration.

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A more realistic approach (and really should be done already) is to have them be able to upgrade to a “game stream” package.  Using nVidia’s Grid gaming to stream a premium VR experience for a monthly fee.   I can't see anyone not wanting that; from people who just want to at least play VR games with low/med graphic's to high end max setting users (of which no single computer is capiable of doing right now for many titles let alone the new 4k+ HMD's out).  Charge based on useage like any cloud so the more power you want to drive the game's setting the more you pay.  


If I had money I'd setup a gaming service like that myself.

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