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Vive pro pricing structure


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800$ is bad enough for what is essentially a medium upgrade at the most.

But just for the HMD itself - are you kidding us?

500$ would maybe be fair, and then maybe 800$ for the full V2.0 set with wireless!


But that is not the worst. 

You see, for the European customers, its not 800$ - it is 879 EURO with is the same as 1085$.

1085$ for Europe, and 800$ for US.. Both prices are too much, but the difference is insulting!

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Absolute nonsense pricing. 800 for the headset then 130 each for the lighthouses and controllers and then a further cost for the wireless adapter (Which by the way was pushed across various outlets as being the main selling point for the Vive pro) Its ridiculous.


Absolutely no way ill be shelling out what is probably going to be circa £1500 for a whole system. 

The cable is the biggest issue on the original, the fact that it isnt part and parcel of the new system is such a kick in the teeth for people who have been using vive for years and waiting for the new improved version to fix the biggest issue.


Bundle in the pieces that are NEEDED to even use the headset for that price and id consider it but at the moment this pricepoint is insanely high considering for the same price as buying two base stations and two controllers you can buy an entire standard vive kit...

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