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Redeem code - got Viveport sub, instead of FalloutVR


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I have redeemed the bundle code. However, my intention was to get Fallout VR.

Then the site presented to options, Fallout VR and Viveport subscription - there was just a button to click.

I think i have accidentally, selected to get the 2-month Viveport subscription instead of the game.

I have NOT used the the "unlock code".

Is it possible to revert that, so i get the Fallout VR steam code instead?


please let me know. 

thank you !

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UPDATE: I have contact support via the chat, explained the situation, and i got a Fallout VR steam code to redeem - which felt great.

However..... the code seems to be invalid. I feel unlucky today. But, fingercrossed, they told i might get a second new code. Hopefully it WILL work this time.

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Finally, Fallout VR is downloading! -

I was trying to redeem the code via the Steam website. BUT! the code was a product code, not a stream wallet code, so i had to use the Steam desktop client, go via the menu Game->Activate Product on Stream. Copy pasted the code and worked !

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