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after 2months of regular using, red still led on the headset and error 208


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Hi everyone. It's two months that I have a HTC Vive, I've never had a problem. From point of blank, however, the LED next to the display remains red, in the window no longer appear either the viewer or the controllers nor the bases, and gives me the error 208.

Followed by the assistance of Steam I made numerous attempts:

-controlled all the cables (even those in the viewer)

- updated all the drivers

- Tested USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports

- Powered the link box

-installed and reinstalled the usb drivers with USBDEVIEW

- disabled power management

-removed some apps that could interfere with the VR (avast cleanup premium, driver update, etc. ..)

- enabled direct mode

- Participated in steam beta and steam VR beta

- tried to bypass the link box


Unfortunately the red LED is always on and the error remains.


I tried to connect the viewer to another pc on which everything previously worked correctly, but now also here returns the usual error 208.


The steam support suggested I contact you to find a solution or replace the defective material if necessary.


If is useful, here is my system data:

Alienware Aurora R7

Processor Intel ® Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20ghz 3.19ghz
16gb RAM

Windows X 64bit

Nvidia gtx 1080 video card


If needed, I can run a VR report.

I am waiting for your kind feedback, thank you,


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If you're getting the error even after doing all that testing (it sounds like you tested for the cables being bad, if you didn't please do that.) you should contact our support Live Chat and get an RMA set up as it may be the HMD that is the problem. www.vive.com/us/support/contactus is the URL (if you're not in the US, change the country code)

Thank you!

-John C

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