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Never recieved Fallout 4 vr steam code.

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I never recieved the fallout 4 VR code. I registered the code that was given under HTC VIVE website and it gave me a code for Viveport but the code spot for fallout 4 vr is empty.


I just talked to Chester from Vive support on instant chat. He said the promotion ended on March 19. I wouldnt have a problem with this but on Amazon the promotion is still showing valid. Claiming the game comes free. I purchased this bundle based on that promotion which Doesnt show any experation date That I can see.


So since I just recieved this item should I just send it back and wait till another promotion comes up or can I just get a code that was advertised.

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I had the same problem: the place where the code for Fallout 4 VR should have been was blank. If the promotion is truly over then it shouldn't be listed as an option. I would really like to receive my code for Fallout 4 VR, or if not then at least the codes for the other bundle option.


Edit: Also, according to their website the offer lasts until March 31st.

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i literally have the same issue,i messaged a vive staff member and if they refuse to give me a code im just going to return it. i only bought it because its 100$ off and wanted to play fallout 4 vr, not gonna spend another 60$ on something it should have came with

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