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vive constantly updates


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@RjMelter - The Vive/Vive Pro are SteamVR tracked devices which mean they have Valve-designed integrated circuits and boards inside of them (known as the Watchman system). As such, all of that hardware's firmware updates is mediated by SteamVR's update system which is entirely controlled/managed/maintained by Valve. In these types of situations, all we can really do is funnel customer feedback towards Valve and ask for bugfixes. That said, there has been some evidence in the past that this can sometimes be related to various OEM's USB-controllers which dramatically increases the scope since there is a huge variety of OEM-specific USB-controllers. Vive Cosmos for instance, is built in-house and so the updates all happen within our software manager which is something we can directly apply bugfixes towards.

It's probably safe to ignore the update prompt if the firmware version is remaining static.

You can verify the firmware version on the headset is not updating between update cycles via C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win32\lighthouse_console.exe. If it's a weird SteamVR related bug, that number will remain static even if the updater executes an update.


(this is a shot for Vive Pro Eye but I believe the number is the same for standard Pro)

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