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Grey Screen after 2 minutes of play


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(I know this an issue that a lot of people have had in the past but I kid you not I have tried everything and then some to get this to work.)


The issue:

My Vive has been having some problems lately with whole grey screen after a few minutes. The screen will either go grey as soon as I start up SteamVR or will go grey after 2-3 minutes of using. This is happening in every game from Steam or VivePort. The Vive will go grey as soon as SteamVR has been started and the lighthouses will not show up as connected on the SteamVR window, even if they are showing green lights on the lighthouses themselves. Other times, they will both work and the headset will track for a few minutes before going completely grey. When this happens, I get the error of the headset being plugged in but not tracking on SteamVR. This is the 3rd room I have set my Vive up in and the one with the least refective surfaces. There are no mirrors or TVs or anything in the room. The walls are all a solid color. When I first got the Vive, I never had issues and I have been using the same PC since 2016 when I got the Vive. But after recent updates, I have started having these issues.


Solutions I have tried:

  • Moved the base stations to other locations in the room.
  • Used all different USB ports on my Z170-A mobo. (Yes, I know this a problem mobo. But I have never had a problem with till now.)
  • Turned off the camera. (Even though it worked fine before.)
  • Used the lighthouse link cable. (To no avail.)
  • Turned off all the power saving settings.
  • Tried different DP and HDMI ports on my GTX 1070 G1. (Used some adapters.)
  • Tried a USB Pci card.
  • Gone into the room layout and made sure the lighthouses were in line with each other.
  • Changed the lighthouse channels around. (Sometimes works when they don't show up at the start.)
  • Re-plugged in the 3-1 cable into the headset.
  • Re-installed SteamVR and deleted local files multiple times.

System Specs:

  • i7-6700K
  • GTX 1070 G1
  • Asus Z170-A
  • 16gb DDR4 RAM
  • SSD for storage
  • Windows 10 x64 Fall Creators Update
  • CPU and GPU are water cooled and stay below 50C under load, so I know its not an overheating issue.
  • All the original Vive cables to go from PC to breakout box.
  • USB is in a 2.0 port and Display is in an HDMI port.


If anyone has found a fix to this please let me know. The Vive has worked great in the past 1 1/2 and it sucks to now get these problems when I'm out of warranty. I know this question is asked a lot but please help!! Thanks!


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