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Vive Controllers Just Sequentially Failed - Driver Issues?


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Was just in the middle of playing Fallout 4 when the position of one of my controllers suddenly froze in-game. buttons still worked but tracking did not. I tried resetting the controller, reinstalling usb drivers, switching steamvr to beta and back again, disabling usb power management, rebooting vive and pc, nothing. the controller would be recognised as active but would indicate it wasn't being tracked. again, buttons worked fine. 


I have another controller laying around, so I pair it up and give it a try. it works fine for a few minutes before failing in the exact same way. I've tried all the same steps and both controllers are behaving the same way. The first controller seems to still be working fine through all of this.


Very frustrating as it's clearly not a hardware issue, the drivers appear to have just gone totally haywire.


Any advice would be more than appreciated.



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