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No Fallout 4 VR Code in the box?

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Hi there I recently just bought the HTC Vive off of Amazon and it said that Fallout 4 VR would be given for free upon purchase however I am unable to find the code. I did get the code that gave me 2 months free subscription to vive port but that was it. 

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Same thing happened to me. After chatting with 6 different reps they told me I could return the item, but no guarantee that that would give me a new code so I kept the unit. Saw where someone posted about it here and got help so, I'm in the same boat. Hope we can get some support...

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I'm in the same boat, bought the Vive off Newegg last Monday and I only got the 2-month code even though it was advertised as including Fallout 4 VR. A hand would be appreciated.


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Hey ! I got mine on the 2nd this month, just last week and it only came with the viveport subscription code,


NO fallout 4 sadly,



I have my receipt here and would love to try playing this game this weekend if someone can help me out. 



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