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Official VIVE Pro Owners Thread


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Post if you're a Pro owner! Mine was just delivered from Best Buy. Haven't set it up yet but it looks as good in real life as images. Blue happens to be my favorite color so even better.



Edit: Initial Impressions


1. Sharpness and picture quality significantly improved. Took me a minute to actually get adjusted to movement in Elite Dangerous and Redout because of the additional clarity.

2. HMD has better weight distribution but I find the strap to be more cumbersome when putting on and taking off. Perhaps just need to get used to it.

3. Reduction of cables down to one makes a difference.

4. Onboard audio not bad but as you'd probably expect doesn't rival a good pair of headphones.

5. In scenes with contrast, there are a lot of god rays. Some menus in Elite Dangerous look like you're just staring at a bunch of beams of light criss crossing each other in various directions. It's really distracting. Same thing in areas of Steam Home so it's not just the game. I'm going to try my original headset again as I don't recall having that issue.

6. I love blue so HTC made the right color choice for me.


On to testing more games...

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I love mine except that the audio is much worse than the DAS and just doesn't sound good, and the mic is still just as awful as the one on the original Vive in terms of popping. Neither are really acceptable for an $800 HMD in my opinion.


Everything else is fantastic.

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Have you guys noticed the god-rays? I've done a few tests and it seems clear they're worse on the Pro. In games where there are dark areas with light sources, the light sources are all projecting rays unless you're looking at each one directly. In Elite Dangerous this makes the current target and ship strength projections shoot beams into your view as you're looking straight ahead while pilotting. It's distracting.


As for audio: I'd rather use the old strap because I use headphones. Although it contributes to redistributing the headset weight, there's added bulkiness and having headphones on top of that is cumbersome. I've put the original and pro on a few times and I prefer the original. There should be a way to switch it out.



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