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Charged for purchase, no tracking number received and unable to check order status


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I ordered the Vive Pro on 1 April and payment was charged to Paypal on 2 April.  The Order Confirmation has the following statement in it:


"If you’re like us, you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of your purchase. We’ll send a follow-up email to let you know your order has shipped, and will include your shipment’s tracking number, so you can follow its progress from our house to yours. Only when your HTC order has shipped will you be charged for your purchase, to the payment method you selected."


According to the above statement in the Order Confirmation the order should have shipped if the payment was charged and I have yet to receive the shipment's tracking number.  Since I paid for the 2 day shipping I should have received the order on 4 April or 5 April at the latest.


I am unable to check the status of the order as I payed via PayPal and you either have to provide your E-mail address and last 4 of your credit card (I can't use this option as I used PayPal) or enter the Order Number and the provided password (I can't use this option either as I did not receive a password with the Order Confirmation and my Vive account password will not work either ).


Any help would be appreciated.



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im not sure where you ordered your vive from but i had a similar situation from walmart a few weeks ago. i purchased my vive with 2 day shipping, got no info for about 5 days and then got tracking info and it arrived in the next day or two. not sure why this was the case but unfortunately it happened. not sure about your situation but i would contact whoever you bought the vive from, and if worst comes to worst talk to the payment provided (paypal, your bank etc.) showing that you ordered something and have not recieved it

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