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Vive software won't download


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I bought the HTC Vive a week ago. After receiving it, I start by downloading the "setup" and the software itself. But when I try to download the software it says "0% -6,41 MB of 1080 MB".. or something like that - 10 min later it says: "the download failed, something went wrong". After it had failed first time then I tried ten more times; unfortunately, it kept failing. I started researching, hoping somebody had the same problem or someone that has a solution. After researching I did not found any concrete answer, so I tried to fix it myself by using other computers at home... without luck. Then I tried to ask my friend at school if he could help me, he tried and reached 92% then it came with the same message "the download failed, something went wrong"... by the way, he used half an hour getting to 92% Other things I tried: Reinstalling Steam, restarting my computer (multiple times), using the wifi from my phone, using different computers and downloading Steam VR manually.



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Hi  (and anyone else currently reading this) - we're currently working hard to investigate this bug. In order to figure out what's wrong, our engineers need the logs generated by the installer. Since the installation was not successful, we can't use our error reporting system and the logs need to be sent over manually. They're normally found in %install_folder%\VIVE\Updater\Log and %install_folder%\VIVE\Log -


When using a default installation pathway, this is typically  “C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\Log” and “C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Log”.


If you're able to share those logs with us, we'll be able to understand the root of the issue. Feel free to PM if you need help finding and sending these logs, a good place to easily host them is www.pastebin.com 


-David R

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