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Cable length long enough?.

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Alright so, the picture below is my bedroom. Before I get an HTC Vive I wanted to make sure I have the room. I am planning on putting my computer on my desk where my tv is towards the left behind that water bottle, and I would stand on the right side of my bed. I was wondering if the HTC Vives cables are long enough for me to play while standing on the right side. 

Thank you for the help.

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The standard supplied cable is 5m in length which is normally ample for most people.  Remember this is 5m from the link box which can easily be placed a good distance from the pc.  You can also even buy 5m extensions for the 3 in 1 cables if you need even more length.


Me personally I just use a usb extension and supper long hdmi cable (the supplied ones are SUPER SHORT) to connect to my PC to the link box and then plug the link box in on an extension cable.  I then connect the 3 in 1 cable to the link box.

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